The Mystical Paranoid Insomniac.

Todays post comes to you at 3:30am on a Saturday morning. Since arriving at home end of June, every Friday and Saturday morning I have woken up at 5am to go to work, the only issue is 13 of the 16 times I haven’t been able to sleep. Now as a student, this shouldn’t seem like the most foreign concept and I’m sure many of my peers pull “all-nighters”. Not me, thats for sure! Without sleep one feels unprepared, stressed, achey. Multiply this by my own tendencies to over-analyse and you have one stressed human who has to work a job he hates and only has one hour left before he needs to wake up to go to it.

Despite being happy and knowing that I have great things in my life, someone to rely on and to be cared and loved by, and a lot of things to be truly excited about, I still suffer from stress and anxiety. I know for a fact I suffer from paranoia, these someones account for nights where I feel like insects are crawling on me. A rather weird and perhaps morbid side effect but believe me no drugs have ever entered this system. It’s just pure mind games. A combination of phobias and over analysis.

I move in to my new place with some great people in two weeks today. I get to see my beautiful girlfriend again and feel like I can begin to better myself once again. I constantly refer to the ides of being the best version of myself and here in Aldershot I do not come anywhere close to meeting the criteria I set myself for the person I want to me.

I have decided that tonight will remain sleepless and tomorrow will go on. I am just holding on for September.


University Retrospect

My last blog a month ago highlighted the start of what would be one of the best months of my life. I can reveal that I had been working at ITV for the two weeks I had been staying in London. It was an incredibly interesting insight in to how freelancers come together and how a studio is set up and works. Our Creative Director said how valuable our work was, and as a whole I feel a real sense of pride in myself for even being considered. When I spoke to my tutors they told me how proud they were and how there was a reason I was picked to go. This kind of encouragement is exactly what I’ve needed to hear. University is hard. University means pushing what you know and going above and beyond. In our field of Visual Communication, not having a right or wrong answer brings far more pressure to be outstanding. You have to strive to be thought-provoking, be able to execute design appropriately, and think so far out of the box you start finding other boxes that you can explore.

Questioning things is becoming second nature and it is allowing me to push for stronger results. I am hoping for a 2,1 overall for this first year, but really the quality and understanding of our end results has been what will make the difference in the end. A grade on a piece of paper will obviously fuel my ego, but if I wasn’t happy with the work I produced, I might as well have given up. There have obviously been times where I haven’t worked as hard as I should have, or I wasn’t thrilled with a piece of work, though I do believe that it sometimes takes a lot of self analysis and critique to really improve. That’s why I feel that as a course, we are all beginning to appreciate visiting tutors from the industry world coming in and telling us things aren’t up to scratch, yet it still amazes me that some people still choose to settle for ideas that they know aren’t strong. They choose the easiest route. Next year, I want to prove to myself that I will always try push boundaries and explore things that I am not used to or particular good at. I believe in constant self improvement and it’s important to always try to be a better version of yourself each day.

As a social aspect, University opened up an opportunity to meet anyone who I may cross paths with. From meeting people in pubs, on other courses, through friends, through the course itself, other creatives, industry specialists. It doesn’t seem like it will stop and it’s a great feeling. I have made some great friends this year, some of whom I have been lucky to live with, some I will be living with next year & the one I have fallen for.

I feel that University has made me not only appreciate good design more, but appreciate myself more. I have worked with one of the UK’s biggest TV Studios, I have received a 2,1 and a 1st in my first two terms, produced work I am proud of, climbed Slieve Binnian with some amazing people, met the most beautiful girl with the most incredible soul and have so many reasons to be happy with who I am. I know sometimes I have written blogs highlighting the lows, but reaching those highs is what life is about.

Do what makes you happy and surround yourself with the people who care about you.


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Onwards and Upwards

Today is Sunday 1st of June, 2014. I spent my morning on a coach to London with a weeks worth of clothes, my mac and sketchbooks. I have been asked to be a part of a massive internship, one that I find myself incredibly grateful to be a part of, yet unworthy of. We are staying by South Bermondsey station, an area that is less than gorgeous, yet a house is a house. Even if said house is full of creepy photographs of children in mask and weird poems about Plastic Cups. We will get by! (We being me and 4 lovely second years also chosen to work for this company).

I am mildly nervous about what my role will be in this company over the next two weeks, but I know that in the end my portfolio will be severely improved. This opportunity is exactly what I needed and again, I am incredibly grateful to be in this position and to have even been considered for such an internship.

Things are going great. I find myself incredibly happy and surrounded by great people. I have been with one of the kindest, most beautiful and funny people I have ever met and feel on top of the world when we’re together. Being with someone as talented, mature and beautiful as her has definitely helped me feel confident and loved. After my 19th last week, I was greeted with a surprise party with my favourite people with sprayed ginger hair and drawn on beards. I felt truly loved!

Summer has just begun as our first year at University came to an end. I am incredibly proud of the work I produced, the highlight being my animation for the National Trust. I received at 1st in my second term though don’t have my hopes set as high for this final term. However the standard of work among the course is incredibly high and everyone should be exceptionally proud!

So this is where things are at the moment! I am sleeping on a couch for 10 nights in a dodgy estate in London for a huge company, working weekends at Primark and then leaving for Northern Ireland the week after I return to go visit my good friend Brownlee in Portadown. It is going to be a strange month and I am incredibly eager to return home to Aldershot after a while and relax and catch up with everyone.

Truly blessed and extremely happy to be in such a promising position.

Red Wine Board

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Good afternoon interwebs. Today has been a particularly lovely day in my world for more reasons than you can count on your two hands, however in the aspect of design, I am currently in two competitions and would indeed love the support of those who follow what I love doing.

First is Bournemouth Welcome. A brand of wine for the Mayor of Bournemouth. To be sold in Bournemouth for Tourists, visitors and the general public, my entry to this competition would love some views on the page which can be found here:

Red Wine Board


The other is a t-shirt design competition for . I entered the word oh! that I created using brush typography. I think the design works well and the publicity of the design would really work in my favour. The design can be found here:

I’d really appreciate any like, view or share you have to offer. I have really enjoyed the process of designing for these competitions and hope they can achieve something!


Many thanks,





Screen Shot 2014-02-25 at 15.50.39

Update 01/03/14

How’s it going interwebs?

In true ohmatthew fashion, I am writing this at 2am. Sober, don’t worry.

I’ll start this blog off how I always start off recent updates by saying I’m Happy. I find myself in an even happier position than before. It really does go to show how positive thinking and making the most of each day helps with a happy mind and heart. The month started with the fantastic trip to Berlin (photos can be found here) where I had the most extraordinary time. After returning, I was faced with what I thought would be my dreaded National Trust Moving Image brief that I had no clue how to execute on After Effects. However picking up tricks and using Illustrator to my advantage really paid off. 2 guest lecturers, Gavin Leisfield, who has worked on many large scale projects such as the ITV rebrand, and Justin Barrow of Supreme who has worked for the National Trust beforehand, made an appearance over the last 2 weeks. Both said they found difficulty finding fault in my animation and with a few tips on timing, I left with an incredible self confidence in my own work.

Now, it probably goes without saying that most of the time, I find accepting compliments of my work and even praising myself very difficult. But I do feel pride. Pride that I’m at one of the top Arts Universities in Bournemouth, Pride that names in the Industry enjoy my work and style, Pride that I continue to learn, adapt and enjoy what I do each and every day. This particular project was a lot of fun to execute, and we are just finishing off with a 2,500 word essay and an Installation piece to complete our National Trust trilogy (Print, Moving Image, Installation).

If you’d like to see my Print pieces, click here

& you can find my recent Moving Image piece, based on the print campaign here

I have fantastic people surrounding me just oozing creativity and ideas and giving me a reason to smile, work hard and be thankful for each day, so thank you all, and thank you interwebs for providing a place to explain and articulate my feelings so easily. Each view and like goes a long way.

It’ll be interesting to see how these final 4/5 months of University play out, though I can’t imagine anything going wrong at this stage. I look forwards to returning home end of term to see my incredibly supportive and loving family and friends & I am truly excited to continue my adventure.

‘Till next time.



Tree Seal Wolves Baboon Reichstag R Light Olympic Stadium Bauhaus Memorial Jewish Museum Jewish Museum 2 Sunset Der Sunset Garden Bench Friends Gig Lights Einfach

A trip to Berlin with The Arts University of Bournemouth was a fantastic cultural experience. The history naturally plays a huge part in the experience and a visit to the Jewish Museum was truly incredible, occasionally haunting and extremely interesting. Design runs through this cities veins, with Bauhaus, plenty of Street Art and a tonne of beautiful exhibitions, museums and shops to browse. One of my favourite moments of this trip was a small converted super market filled with stunning typography, the Buchstaben Museum. We packed our days full of things to do and places to see, from Museums, Shopping, Exhibitions, Walks, Tours, Zoos and genuinely enjoying time away from our computers. We visited the Reichstag just as the sun set and soaked in the beauty.

A brilliant experience and one that I hope to never forget. Spending time with friends and being in a place surrounded by beauty and design is all I could truly hope for.


Rough Brush Typography

I absolutely love ‘rough brush typography’ as I am calling it. It’s expressive and it can implement an incredibly powerful layer to most work. I decided to use my design identity of ohmatthew and use this as a basis for some online avatars for me to use.

shhhohmatthew shhhohmatthew2 typographystars

This brings me to instagram! I was never really a fan to begin with but it’s now a great way to gain inspiration from others photography and print work. I love looking at the life of a designer and trying to work more on my own work as well as the tonne of University work.

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Break Walls2 Break Walls3 Break Walls4 Break Walls5 Break Walls

I find myself in the middle of the D&AD wilderness, my mind searching through the files for an interesting idea for the National Trust. These designs are by no means any reflection of what my design will be and certainly not an original concept, but I could whip one up in about 2 minutes and I felt the photography ( should overpower everything leaving the type to make you question the outdoors.

I am very much enjoying this term and this project is extremely challenging but has perhaps enticed me to doing more research and start becoming more engaged with contemporary designers, utilising magazines and boosting my online presence.

We all change. When you think about it, we’re all different people all through our lives and that’s okay. That’s good. You’ve got to keep moving, so long as you remember all the people that you used to be.

Some of the final words of Matt Smith as the Doctor in this years Christmas episode. They have stuck with me the last couple of days. This quote is so true and so meaningful to me. As 2013 ends, it’s time to reflect on the changes we’ve gone through.  This year has seen the biggest changes in me and has dragged me through hell and then to the peak of my happiness. It’s challenged me to work harder and be a better person which I think I have become through friendships, confidence and independence. A new person. The next changes come in the form of physical improvement and a continuous ambition to show the designer I want to be to the rest of the world, but never forgetting where you came from and what your dreams have always been.